HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M601 Fuser Error 50.42.00

HP Laserjet Enterprise 600 M601 Fuser Error-50.42.00

How do I clear a Fuser Error 50.72.11?  I’ve replaced the fuser and rollers with a new maintenance kit and still receiving the error.


# Disconnect the power source..
# chk for damages at fuser & LVPS connectors
# Refix fuser the unit, ensure that fuser has to seated properly.
# Connect direcr raw power, If power cable connected through serge protector or UPS.
# If possible change the place.
# Wait 20mts idle.
# connect the power & chk..

I think no problem with fuser unit, if problrm presists change LVP(Lowpower supply)..

fuser 601.jpg


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