COMMON ISSUES HP LASERJET 4200 4240 4250 4300 4350 4345MFP



Noise (Swing Plate Gear Assembly)

It's known for the black gear inside the swing plate gear assembly to wear, giving you a grinding noise. We made a shortcut to solve this matter, which is on our website, Printer-Repair-Pasadena.com, in the Printer Support section.  If you find the white gear is broken down also, Contact Printer-Repair-Pasadena.net at (855) 834-7717 Toll Free 


Motor Slowdown (Rare event) 

Whenever the sound within the motor is delayed after turning on printer, or when printing, the motor runs a couple of seconds more lengthy than regular before feeding paper, a poor or flawed heating element inside the fuser is responsible. Swap the fuser assembly.


49 error

The 49.xxxx signifies a firmware error. Factors consist of out of date firmware, software issue, poor memory DIMMs, EIO devices, network cable connections, firmware Memory DIMM or formatter. The service manual gives the strategies to use and is available to you on our website.    


50 error


Ordinary to every HP Laserjet printers, the 50 error suggest an issue with the fusing assembly: a temperature issue or improper fuser. The fuser is the first thing to check. The DC controller and / or the power supply, rarely a 50 errors.


59.4 error

This can be caused by a inferior toner cartridge. The toner cartridge motor, the DC controller.  The toner cartridge getting stuck and not spinning the drum can also create a 59.4 error. 


60 error

This error suggests a damaged lifter motor for the typical paper cassette tray (60.2 error) or for an additional sheet feeder (60.3, 60.4). Inspect the connection between the lifter and the DC Controller, then try replacing the lift motor, then replace the: For the typical tray, tray 2 this is the DC controller. For a paper cassette feeder (Tray 3 and up), it will be the feed controller (PCB)