Evaluation of the H/P Laserjet M4555 Multi-Function Device


An “h” within each HP LaserJet M4555h MFP’s label means which it includes a integrated hard  disk drive, however it can simply stand for “huge,” Once I  experienced the M4555h within our showroom, I was reminded of the multifunction printer (MFP) as Ginormous. It took three of us in order to set it up on our testing counter. However is it a friendly monster?


The device copies, scans and prints. The Fax module is not included.  It comes pre-installed on other models with its series, mentioned in the next paragraphs. (Oddly, a fax symbol is conspicuously located on the Device touch screen, also in the standard model that does not provide faxing. The Fax symbol can be taken out via the devices embedded Web server, nevertheless there is not any good explanation why it ought to be present in the beginning.


The M4555h can easily print Postscript and PDF data files through a USB port, along with scan to JPEG, PDF, XPS,PDF/A, TIFF and MTIFF formats. It's possible to secure print jobs using A PIN code,  and print, create, share and scan content securely using encrypted PDF's and email


With regard to the hard disk drive, it’s a 120 GIGABYTE, 128-bit encrypted device. The introduction associated with the encrypted hard disk drive clarifies most of the device's  raised sticker price tag. Nevertheless, removing the hard disk drive, each price tag would certainly still be more than $2,000—and that is not adding an additional fax.


Document Handling


The device is included along with a 500-sheet input cassette tray as well as 100-sheet multi-purpose cassette tray. It offers an auto duplex for printing two sides of a piece of paper. You can easily buy additional paper cassette trays, however if you’re headed in that direction, you might want to move up to another one of the models mentioned further down. A 500-sheet tray runs for $300, whereas a 1,500-sheet tray runs around $1,200. The highest possible paper capability is 2,100 sheets. The 900 sheet 3 bin staple mail-box is additionally obtainable, for $600.


The M4555h dimensions are 22.4 x 31.1 x 20.1 in. (HWD) and weighs 115 lbs. It is in fact the shrimp of its line, that usually consists of 2 floor-standing versions: the M4555f (beginning with $3,499 ), and comes with the M4555h’s characteristics plus fax module, a 500  page paper cassette tray (for a 1,100-page built in paper capability), including a cabinet; and the M4555skm (opening at $4,499 ), that is  their M4555h plus fax module, 3 - 500-page paper cassette trays for a 2,100-sheet paper maximum, and a 3-bin, 900-page stapling mailbox.


Although the other 2 models inside the line are directly in the enterprise field, created to hold down a large volume workgroup or medium-size office environment, the M4555  even though suitable of these roles could also be a ideal choice to smaller yet still higher-volume office scenarios, such as a law office, real estate that may possibly have to regularly kick out out a variety of copies of legal contracts and other long forms.


Running Expenses and Network Connectivity


The HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555h MFP comes with Ethernet and USB. It does not come with a USB wire, which should not be an obstacle as its focus market will desire it be networked, at any rate. We evaluated it through the Ethernet network connection with a computer running Windows7.


At 1.2 cents, the advertised cost per page is rather low, but it is just somewhat more effective than multiple heavy-duty monochrome laser printers we have examined, such as the OKI B730DN ($1,249) and Xerox Phaser 4620DN ($1,599), which in turn each had reported operating costs of 1.4 cents per page. Along with the Dell 5130CDN ($1,549), a color laser printer, performed even much better versus the HP, at a claimed 1.0 cents per monochrome page.


Print Efficiency


One concern I met in evaluating the M4555h is just that we have not evaluated any monochrome laserjet MFPs remotely inside the price range in the previous varied years. Right now there presently is not a heavy-duty device Reviewers Choice, and the mid-range-duty Reviewers ’ Choice, the Brother MFC-8480DN ($400 ) is a small fraction of the Hewlett Packard’s price, is built for substantially reduced-volume printing (with a max duty cycle of only 30k prints per month, contrasted with the M4555h’s 250k-page max month duty cycle). Each Samsung SCX-5739FW ($700) offers an 80k prints -per-month duty cycle.


HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555h MFP


We timed the HP LaserJet M4555h MFP on the current version of our company software suite,  at 10.6 reliable pages per minute (ppm). Which is a hint on the slower side for its rated print speed of 55 ppm, what must be about the speed you would enjoy if you are to print text only?  (Our test package mixes graphic pages, pages with mixed content and text pages) It fits the 10.6 ppm counting by the Brother MFC-8480DN in spite of the Brother’s much reduced rated speed of 32 ppm. I timed the Samsung SCX-5739FW, graded at 37 ppm, at 8.6 ppm on the equivalent tests. As for the 2 single-function black and white printers pointed out prior, the OKI B730DN, graded at 52 ppm, operated through the tests at 12 ppm whereas the Xerox Phaser 4620DN, merely treated 10.1 ppm besides a scorching 65 ppm graded speed.



Inexpensive touted (cpc) cost per page. 120 GIGABYTE encoded hard disk drive. color 8 inch touch display control panel. Great production quality, along with awesome graphics.



Extremely high ticket price. Fax needs to be included at this price tag.



Using a 120GIGABYTE integrated hard disk drive, each HP LaserJet M4555h Multifunction is a competent network monochrome laserjet MFP for an office with large printing needs and similarly deep pockets.