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HP Laserjet M601 M602 M603 M604 M605 M606 Fuser Error

Whenever a Error 50.02.11 or 50.22.00 shows in the printer display panel, this is an indication of an problem with the fuser assembly warming up to proper temperature.

1.  Power off the device, wait 30 seconds and power up the device in order to clear error.
Remove the printer from any power surge protector or uninterruptable power supply and plug directly into the wall outlet.

Confirm the HP printer is plugged into the correct voltage socket matching the HP Printer
voltage requirements.  (220v or 110v)

Confirm the HP device has the latest print engine firmware installed.  Visit for driver support and downloads.

2. Check paper type.

Confirm the paper type chosen compares to the type used within the printer.
Choose the paper type (Windows)
Within the software app, choose print option.
choose the printer, next choose (click) the print properties or preference tab.

Press the Paper | Quality button.
Within the Paper Type drop down menu, choose the more… selection.
Widen the index of Type is: options
Widen the category of media types that optimally describes your media

Select the media type (Mac OS X)
Press file menu, then press the print option
As a default, the printer driver will display the copies & pages menu.  Open the menu drop down list and then click the finishing menu.
Choose the type from Media Type drop down menu.


3. Confirm the print mode settings.
Within the Home Screen in the control panel, press the Administrator tab.

Press General Settings.
Press Print Quality
Press Adjust Media Type
Choose a paper type, then choose mode to adjust.
Choose a value for mode, then press the save tab

4.Reinstall the Fuser Assembly
Your specific HP Printer might look a bit different than the HP Laserjet M6xx printer show here.

Power down the printer
Illustration A:  Power down the printer


Remove the power cable

Illistration B.  Remove the power cable




Turn around the hp printer in order for the backside is in front of you.  If the duplex accessory is  built in then remove the duplexing accessory. 

Illustraiton C: Removing Duplexing Accessory.


Take out the printer output bin.

Illustration D. Take out the printer Output Bin




Extend out the rear output bin.  Putting your finger aside of the left hinge and pressing to the right until hinge pin is away from the hole within the HP Printer.  Spin the output bin outside to remove. 

Illustration: E:  Take out the output bin


Press upward on 2 blue clips on each side of the fuser assembly and remove the fusing assembly straight back.  Remove the straight out of the HP device to take it out.   Media can be wedged within the fuser assembly for which it could not be seen.

Illustration F: Take out Fuser Assembly


Careful:  The fusing assembly may be at high temperature during the printer operations.

Lift up on black guide on top of the fixing assembly to take out any media jammed within the fusing assembly. 

Careful:  Don’t use any metal or sharp objects to remove any paper wedged inside the fuser.  This may harm the fuser.

Press the fuser tight into the HP Printer till the blue clips snap back into place.

Illustration: G: Reinstall the Fusing Assembly


Reinstall Duplex Duplexing Accessory. If was removed.

Illustration H: Reinstall the Duplexing Accessory.


Reinstall the power cable

Illustration I: Reinstall the power cable


Power up the printing device.

Illistration J: Power up the printing device.


 5. Switch out the Fuser assembly.

If the fuser error continues after attempting above remedies.  Switch out the fuser with a new one.   Below reference part number for correct fusing assembly.   Contact Printer Repair Experts (888) 276-4666 to schedule an appointment to replace fuser assembly.


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