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 The HP Laserjet P4015 group printing device, the successor for the Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4200 series printing device is a business grade beast of a laser printer. It produces faster print speeds with a better duty cycle that runs 225,000 pages involving maintenance kit renewal. The Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4200 printer series possess a 200,000 page maintenance kit interval. The HP Laserjet 4250 printing device and HP Laserjet 4350 printer series has got a 225,000 printing cycle in addition but cannot match the printing speeds of the HP Laserjet P4515 printing models

You may see some problems with the firmware causing some unknown happenings with the HP printer.  Only if you were informed of the difficulty persisted with this specific  firmware, swapping out  of DC controller, power supply PCB, fuser assembly and even the formatter were all likely remedies to the problem the printer was exhibiting.   Switching any of this specific  hardware will not resolve the condition. The HP Laserjet  printer might work with no problem from Tray 1 the majority of the time.  A much different story from the tray 2 cassette though. The printer will accept the print job and display ‘PROCESSING’, the HP printer’s  engine will cycle up like its drawing pages and print the pages then simply stop.  Control panel will indicate IDLE and no error generate along the control panel or malfunction log.  Happens it was a problem with the HP Laserjet P4015 firmware and fixing assembly initiating this to develop arbitrarily. Upgrading the printer’s firmware to the newest release, and upgrading the fuser assembly at the same moment might correct this problem,  that condition may continue with  your printer making you scratch your head and wonder for what reason is this transpiring?  The moment the HP Lasejet Printer P4015 was originally launched in 5/2008 the first time “PERFORM PRINTER MAINTENANCE” showed up on the control panel the reset process failed to succeed due to the fact there’s a glitch within the printers  firmware. Therefore a push of the firmware would be essential to rectify this condition.

This HP Laserjet P4015 has a remodeled fixing assembly drive assembly, very similar to the HP Laser Jet 4200 printer series but not a enduser  available assembly just like the now notorious “Swing Plate Assembly”. They have integrated a larger, stronger gear to interconnect to the fuser assy. It should last longer than its predecessor’s swing plate assembly. Time will tell if that’s the case. It is constructed with six (6) gears, not attached so they might fall out whenever assembly is pulled out.

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