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HP Color Laserjet M477 59.F0 Error | HP Color Laserjet M377 59F0 Error

"Resolve HP LaserJet Pro M477's 59.F0 Error: Easy Firmware Update Guide"

Updating the DC Controller Firmware on HP Laserjet M477 for Resolving 59.F0 Error

Encountering a 59.F0 error on your HP Color LaserJet Pro M477 printer can be frustrating. Fortunately, this issue is often due to a glitch in the Direct Current Controller (DCC) firmware that can be resolved by updating it. Below are detailed instructions for different models and connection types.

For Models with Walk-up USB Port (M452dw/M377dw/M477fnw/M477fdn/M477fdw)

Method 1: Front USB Update

  1. Prepare Your USB Drive: Format it to FAT32 and copy file onto it.
  2. Start Your Printer: Turn it on until you see either Ready mode or “59.F0” displayed.
  3. Connect & Navigate: Insert your USB drive into the front port -> Hit “Home” icon -> Select “USB” -> Choose “Print Documents.”
  4. Launch Update Process: Find and select prnfile; printing this file starts the update process which takes about 3-5 minutes during which time you might see “Performing Upgrade” or continue seeing “59.F0”.
  5. Complete The Process: After an automatic reboot back to Ready state, print out a config report showing DCC version ‘15101’ as confirmation of successful update.

For Models Without Walk-up USB Port (M452dn and M452nw)

Method 2: Network FTP Command


  • Enable FTP Printing through EWS under Networking > Advanced settings.

Steps: a) Open command prompt as admin. b) Connect using FTP [Printer IP Address]. c) Leave user/password blank if prompted. d) Use put [drag/drop PRN file here] command for transfer initiation. e) Wait for completion signal then check device reboots successfully with updated DCC version ‘15101’ visible in configuration page/report.

Method 3: Local Driver Over USB Connection

Preparation Steps:

  • Install local driver; share this driver noting down its name along with computer’s hostname found via System Window shortcut (Windows key + Pause/Break) or typing ‘hostname’ in cmd prompt run as admin.

Update Instructions: a) Save *PRN file directly onto C:\drive b). Share installed printer from control panel making note of shared name c). Run CMD as ADMIN executing copy/batch command like so: copy /b FILENAME \computername\Printersharedname d). Await automatic reboot signaling success before verifying new DCC version (‘15101’) is correctly installed by printing out a configuration page.

These steps should guide you smoothly through flashing/updating your HP Color LaserJet Pro’s firmware thus resolving any stubborn ’59.F0′ errors ensuring smooth operation moving forward!

Link to the DC Controller Firmware

Questions and Answers regarding 59.F0 Error

Q: What is the 59.F0 error on HP Color LaserJet Pro M477 printer?

A: The 59.F0 error often indicates a glitch in the Direct Current Controller (DCC) firmware.

Q: How can you resolve this issue?

A: This problem can be resolved by updating your DCC firmware.

Q: What are some methods to update my DCC Firmware for models with Walk-up USB Port like M452dw/ M377dw/M477fnw/ M477fdn/ M477fdw?

A: One method involves using a front USB Update where you format your drive to FAT32, copy prnon it and follow certain steps as outlined above.

Q : Are there any other ways of resolving this issue if I don’t have walk up usb port ?

A : Yes , There are two more methods – Network FTP Command or Local Driver Over USB Connection . Both these methods require few preparatory steps followed by execution instructions .

Q : How will I know that my DC controller’s firmware has been updated successfully ?

A : After an automatic reboot back to Ready state, print out a config report showing DCC version ‘15101’ which confirms successful update.

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