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Printer & Page Yield Overview

Page Yield Page yield is the number of pages a user can print with a given printer and cartridge, based on certain assumptions.

LaserJet Toner Cartridge Page Yield

Toner Cartridge Page Yield HP Laserjet Printers. LaserJet Page Yields For all LaserJet printers and Multi Functional Products sold, HP publishes page yield data for the printer function of these devices.  Page yield data should be used as a starting point for comparison purposes, and not to predict the exact yield you will get from […]

Printer Toner Usage & the Impact on Print Cartridge Yield

How Toner is Used Other Factors impacting LaserJet Print Cartridge Yield The ISO/IEC yield methodologies allow the customer to compare the declared yield of cartridges from many different manufacturers. The printing style of the customer (type of documents printed, number of color pages, size of print jobs, image density, simplex v. duplex, etc.) will have […]

Do the HP Printer use toner during calibration?

Question: We replaced the Magenta toner cartridge and the printer goes through both initialization  and calibration.  Before i replaced the cartridge the yellow toner cartridge had about 2-3 pages of toner.  When the printer completed it’s process the yellow cartridge shows empty. Does calibrating use toner?

HP Laserjet 9000, 9040, 9050 Printer Common Issues

HP Laserjet 9000, 9040, 9050 Printer Question: After printer warms up (30 minutes) the display goes blank, back lighting still on, goes off the network. Cycle power still no good. Turn the printer off for a few hours printer works great till it warms up again.  Replaced formatter, DC Controller, same problem

HP Color Laserjet 1600 Device Error

Device Error HP Color Laserjet 1600 Question: My color inks are depleted, but I have black ink, why won’t it print using just black? Have adjusted the finishing and colour options to print in black and/or gray scale only

Laserjet M601 making clicking noise when printing

Laserjet M601: Printer making clicking noise when printing Question: I have a laserjet M601 that just started making a clicking noise when it prints.  It sounds like it is near the front right top corner somewhere under the display.  It clicks when a page is grabbed to begin printing.  I hear a  3-5 clicks when […]


HP Laserjet M600, M601 Issues with printing from Browser Question: we have two print Laserjet M602 and M601 that have often a « 49.4a.04  Error ». Peoples who often use it, print almost just on their browser. After reading the release note of the firmware 2302908_435019, it’s write : « You may see a error 49.4A.04 Error when printing […]

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